Ascent Equity Group


Ascent Equity Group (AEG) is a Texas-based private investment firm that seeks to invest in quality companies that generate between $1-7 million of EBITDA.

We work with business owners who are interested in monetizing all or a part of their company ownership and who are also looking to transition day-to-day operating responsibilities. AEG’s management-ready principals are committed to assuring a smooth operational transition while preserving the owner’s legacy.

AEG represents the capital and expertise of an accomplished group of professional investors, business executives and entrepreneurs with extensive industry and management experience. Our investors are available to provide valuable advice and guidance.

Core Values

We believe in people and value integrity. Our goal is to work with business owners that we admire and trust to further grow their companies. Legacy preservation is of the utmost importance and we will focus on maintaining customer relationships, ensuring continuity to employees and the community, and aligning all stakeholder interests.

What Makes AEG Different

Succession Capital:

We provide an infusion of both financial capital and operational resources to ensure the continued success of the business.

Legacy Preservation:

We are committed to business growth and continuity and have the flexibility to allow for the seller to retain an ongoing ownership interest.


We bring a strong operating team as well as an experienced group of investors, executives and entrepreneurs that are excited about creating long term value.