Ascent Equity Group

Our Companies

AEG brings a hands-on management approach to its portfolio companies, creating long term value for all stakeholders. We pursue platform business opportunities that offer attractive organic and acquisitive growth.



Rod and Tubing Services
RTS is a leading oilfield production services specializing in the inspection, testing and reconditioning of sucker rods and tubulars used in oil and gas wells. RTS also offers enhanced downhole analysis and support for production optimization. The company serves major oil and gas basins across Texas and the surrounding regions.



Aspen Artificial Lift
Aspen Artificial Lift provides advisory and consulting services to Oil & Gas Operators on matters of production optimization and failure analysis. The Aspen team joined RTS in 2015 in order to form the RTS Artificial Lift Advisory group – advancing RTS’ objective of growing as a downhole solutions provider to customers.