Ascent Equity Group

Our Focus

AEG is actively searching to acquire privately held businesses with $5-50 million of revenue located in Texas or the Southwestern U.S. We seek to acquire a controlling stake and are an ideal solution for business owners who are seeking to realize personal wealth, are comfortable with transferring day-to-day operating responsibilities to capable managers, and who want to see their business continue to be successful.

Investment Criteria

While we consider each business on its own merits, we seek opportunities that satisfy many of the following criteria:

Financial Profile:

  • Revenues of $5-50MM
  • EBITDA above $1MM
  • 10%+ EBITDA margins
  • Low CapEx

Company Profile:

  • Proven positive cash flows
  • Sustainable competitive position
  • Committed to growth
  • US-based, preferably Southwest region


  • Desire for liquidity and management transition
  • Desire to ensure long-term continuity of business
  • Change of control transaction

Target Industries

Energy Services

    • Production services
    • Midstream services
    • Maintenance, repair and overhaul
    • Equipment rental and leasing